Student Activity Monitoring

The increased use of embedded technology along the University learner journey generates a vast array of data which provides a window on engagement in various dimensions of student life. Analysis enables the optimisation of resources with the ultimate goal of enhancing achievement, success and retention.

The concept of activity monitoring encompasses measuring performance, monitoring real-time and completed processes, detecting problems in the execution of processes, diagnosing their root cause, and reporting operations to enable cyclical improvements. It helps to identify problems, correct exceptions, and change processes to enhance performance by improving process efficiencies.

Informed by historic activity data, learning analytics enables characteristics contributing to learner achievement, success and retention to be recognised and predictions of how learner progress could develop, with associated early warning systems where progress is not apparent. Visualisation is an important step in learner analytics to ensure that the data is accessible to a wide range of stakeholders to enable effective actions to take place.

Outcomes from the analyses assist the achievement, success and the student experience in several ways:-

1. to enable individual learners to reflect on their achievements and patterns of behaviour in relation to others;
2. as predictors of learners who may require extra support and attention to enhance achievement and success;
3. to help academic and professional staff plan supporting interventions with individuals and groups;
4. to provide a “window” on learner journeys in general;
5. assisting course teams seeking to improve learner achievement, success and experiences within current courses.

The process the University has adopted for Student Activity Monitoring was developed by the Advice Centres with input from the Heads of Learning and Teaching & Student Experience (HOLTSE) in 2014 and disseminated to academics by the HOLTSEs in September 2014.

Guidance on Activity Monitoring is available on the Student Administration pages on The Hub.