Personal Coaching

The Personal Coaching/Tutoring Project research will run alongside the piloting of the Personal Coaching scheme at USW. The Personal Coaching scheme is being piloted across all faculties to improve student retention. The pilot aims to focus on a ‘holistic, quality conversation with students at key points throughout the student journey to aid ownership, retention and progression’. Working across all schools and faculties there will be support and guidance during the pilot surrounding development and reflection opportunities in order to inform the success of the Personal Coaching/Tutoring format going forward.

Project research

The project research aims understand these issues from both a student and staff perspective. Six academic staff that are taking part in the pilot will be asked to take part in semi-structured interviews and their students will be asked to also take part in focus groups. These will be conducted after their first, second and third meetings to assess what is working, what they expect and to reflect and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of this scheme throughout the pilot. This data and analysis will then be used to compile a report at the end of the year to be circulated internally to inform a system to be used by all courses and staff in 2017/2018 academic year.

Further information and contacts

For further information about the project please contact: Laura Jones –