Digital classroom

March 7th – April 5th 2017, Treforest Campus TR G221

As part of the Transformative Learning Spaces strand of the Student Experience Plan, the University of South Wales is hosting the Digital Classroom Roadshow for a month! Here’s how to find out more and get involved!

What is the Digital Classroom?

The Digital Classroom roadshow is a project run by in collaboration with JISC. A temporary installation of furniture and technology has been put into an empty room in Treforest Campus (G221) in a particular configuration to encourage different learning and teaching experiences. The classroom will be in place for one month; this extended visit is intended to allow staff to visit and experiment with the transformed learning space, learning what it might allow them to do and even try bringing their students in for a session.

Many Universities are evolving their pedagogies to include active, dialogic, collaborative, cooperative and simulation-based learning and JISC are supporting projects where classrooms like the one in the photograph below can be trialled.

The Digital Classroom is an interactive learning space where students can connect wirelessly and use their own devices to work collaboratively in small groups, providing opportunities for them to share and display their work.

Temporarily installed at USW for a month, the classroom will be a wonderful opportunity to test out teaching / learning support ideas in practice. Everything is installed for free – so all we have to do is use it! You’ll need to bring your own device (e.g. iPads, smart phones, laptops) to try things out.

How can I get involved?

Drop-in for a visit

Drop by to Treforest G221 at any time from 8am-9pm to have a look at the classroom (feel free to turn things on, use the system and have a play!).
Staff from CELT and the Unilearn team will be available between 10am and 3pm to show you around, show you how to use the technology, and talk about activities or how it might work to enhance teaching and learning. Don’t forget to bring a laptop, tablet, or mobile device if you want to try things out.

Book a workshop

If you’d like a full how-to session for yourself or a whole group of staff then please email Catherine Naamani to set a date and time: –

Book the classroom for your students

You can also book a slot in the classroom to use instead of your regular teaching room so you can try it with your students. Don’t forget both you and your students will need to bring laptops, tablets, or mobile devices to make use of the room. Email Catherine Naamani to set a date and time: –

Student groups

Feel free to encourage your students to drop by the classroom to learn about it, use it for group study, or just to have a play! Don’t forget they’ll need to bring a laptop, tablet, or mobile device if you want to try things out.

If you’d like to find our more, are interested in being involved then please contact Catherine Naamani: –