How to Become a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (Cardiff) CANCELLED

Event Date April 10, 2017 12 p.m. – 2 p.m.

Location – CA AH006

A CELT lunchtime seminar.

Senior Fellow seminars are targeted at academic staff who are already Fellows of the HEA and are therefore eligible to proceed to apply for Senior Fellowship.

The USW Group is committed to achieving the highest quality of learning and teaching for its students. One external mark of the quality of the staff engaged in teaching and supporting learning is recognition as Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

These seminars will:
• Present the details of the USW Continuing Professional Development Scheme route to Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy, including providing copies of the application procedures and walking prospective applicants through the process.
• Outline the structure upon which the Academy bases Fellowship, Senior Fellowship, and Associate Fellowship recognition – the UK Professional Standards Framework.

The next deadline for the submission of applications to the USW Learning, Teaching and Professional Standards Panel after this seminar is Monday 5th June 2017, so attending this seminar will enable prospective applicants to prepare submissions in good time for the next Panel meeting.

Please note: once you attend one of these 'How To…’ (Strand One) seminars, you may then register for one of our Strand Two seminars:
Preparing Effective Oral Presentations for HEA Fellowship panels – A Guidance session for prospective HEA Fellows
Preparing Concise and Effective Self-Reflective Written submissions for HEA Fellowship panels – A Guidance session for prospective HEA Fellows

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