Raising aspiration: empowering the individual (Cardiff)

Event Date April 27, 2017 12 p.m. – 2 p.m.

Location – Cardiff Atlantic House AH303

A CELT seminar

1200 Lunch

1205 Huw Swayne (FCI): The USW Personal Coaching Project: the story so far

Followed by three TEDtalk-style trigger presentations showcasing activities that Raise Aspiration:

1225 Questions

1230 Emma Adamson and Nicola Shelswell: USW Student peer mentoring scheme;

1245 Hilary Ramsden (FCI): Raising people’s awareness of their environment to provoke them to question and review their preconceptions and assumptions;

1300 Sheila Brennan (FLSE): Addressing social and performance anxiety as a barrier to learning and engagement in university life;

1315 Natalie Hughes (LS): Global and local: the extra-curricular opportunities at USW.

1330 Q&A with all speakers

1345 Discussion on ‘What Next?’: a review of the Raising Aspirations seminars and future planning

1355 Gillian Jack to close

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