HEA fellowship - TSL@USW

Fellowship of the HEA is a valued professional standard in Higher Education that demonstrates the quality of your teaching. Recognition by the HEA demonstrates your commitment to teaching, learning and the student experience, through engagement in a practical process that encourages research, reflection and development. It is increasingly sought by employers across the higher education sector and is recognised and valued by a growing number of international institutions.

USW is accredited by the HEA to support, develop and assess claims for fellowship by its staff. From September 2017 our framework for doing this is being updated and will be called TSL@USW. Information about the new framework and support available is outlined below.


Getting involved:


If you would like to help as a Welsh or English speaking mentor in our mentor pool or as a Panel Assessor, then please read the Mentor outline below.

Claiming for fellowship

We are currently testing the new scheme with a pilot group of 22 in the Autumn. The pilot spaces have been filled.

We hope to launch workshops for the new scheme in November ready for an early spring submission panel. It is likely that we will be capping submissions for each panel at 50 so that we can ensure a high success rate. Heads of School, ASMs and Line Managers in Corporate Services are being asked to allocate staff to submission panels over the next three years so we can accommodate demand efficiently. ASMs have been invited to allocate workload tariff points to support your claim preparation in the academic year of your application.


I want to make my claim in Welsh. How do I go about this?
We have full capacity for mentoring and claim-assessing in Welsh. Just let us know your preferred claim-making language when you begin.

Acronym buster

You may hear this programme of recognition by the HEA referred to in many ways and it can get pretty confusing so here’s a quick primer.

HEA – Higher Education Academy.
A British professional institution promoting excellence in higher education. Visit the HEA website.

TSL@USW – Teaching and Supporting Learning at USW framework.
USW is accredited by the HEA to support, develop and assess claims for fellowship by its staff. From September 2017 our framework for doing this is called TSL@USW and is managed by the CELT team.

UKPSF – UK Professional Standards Framework.
The nationally-recognised framework for benchmarking HE teaching and learning support owned by the HEA. It sets out four role descriptors for the categories of fellowship available along with the areas of evidence that must be provided (knowledge, values and activities). Your claim to be recognised as a fellow of the HEA is based on your evidence that you meet the standards set by this framework through your practice, knowledge, beliefs, and continuing professional development related to teaching and learning.

Claim for recognition
When you submit your application for fellowship (whether written or oral) you are claiming that you should be recognised by the HEA as meeting the benchmarks set down in the UKPSF. The HEA recognise your claim by granting you fellowship of the Academy.

Fellowship – recognised members of the HEA.
When you are successful in your claim for recognition by the HEA you become a fellow of the academy. There are four categories of fellowship to reflect the different contributions, roles, and career paths within higher education: Associate Fellow, Fellow, Senior Fellow and Principal Fellow. The benchmarks for each of these categories are outlined as Descriptors 1-4 in the UKPSF documentation.

Key Dates

Summer 2018

  • Submission Deadline – 4th June 2018
  • Panel Dates – 27th & 28th June 2018

Autumn 2018

  • Submission Deadline – 15th October 2018
  • Panel Dates – 8th & 9th November 2018



Should you have any further queries, please contact fellow@southwales.ac.uk