Learning and Teaching Conference

USW holds regular Learning and Teaching conferences to celebrate and share the good practice in learning, teaching and assessment undertaken across the University group and its strategic partners.

After the success of the inaugural 2015 conference the event became annual and additional, specialist, conferences are also held at different points in the year for senior managers and for specific subject disciplines.

“The learning and teaching conference was truly inspirational and for many there gave an opportunity to share not just ideas but their passions. The task now is to spread the joy, and make sure we keep the dialogue going in Schools and courses, so that we keep the pot boiling around enhancement. Thanks to those staff who put the event together. It was a triumph!” – Dr Ben Calvert, Pro-Vice-Chancellor: Learning, Teaching & Student Experience.

2017 Conference

The next annual conference will be held on June 29th 2017 at the Treforest Conference Centre.

This year’s Summer Conference focuses on Curriculum Design at USW: the vision for USW’s Curricula and Students’ Learning Experience, how the vision is being translated into exciting Faculty practice, and what we can learn from each other to try out.

Using the analogy of Curriculum Design as a ‘gear clock’ (multiple elements that must come seamlessly together to enable a coherent student learning experience), the conference will:
• showcase existing practice in USW,
• showcase some of USW’s ‘gears’,
• enable attendees to take part in one of two workshops led by external experts, and
• offer space for Faculty / Corporate Department specific reflection and planning.

TO REGISTER Please complete the online registration form using this link.

For any queries about the conference please contact CELT Events: celtevents@southwales.ac.uk.

Past conferences

Details of past conferences, along with any programmes, recordings, posters and images from the day are available below.

2016 Conference

The Learning & Teaching Conference 2016 was held at Treforest Conference Centre on 30th June 2016.

2015 conference

The Learning & Teaching Conference 2015 was held at Treforest Conference Centre on 18th June 2015.