Day 7: The 12 Days of TELmas

December 7, 2018

On the seventh day of TELmas your learning technology team bring to you…

...7 good to know facts!

For the 7th Day of TELmas our learning technologists are sending you 7 interesting tools or features of the unilearn tools that you might not know about (but just might make your life a little easier).

1: Panopto isn’t just for lecture capture; why not get your students to submit their assignments as video? If you’re feeling adventurous you could even record them a Christmas message.

2: Why Skype when you can (Blackboard) Collaborate? Bring guest lecturers to your students at the click of a link, or bring students together in this online meeting environment. Use the handy record function and make the session available for later use.

3: Votes for students! MeeToo can be a great way of involving your students in lectures. Use polls as conversation starters, gather student questions, and snapshot understanding. You can even embed polls into your PowerPoints.

4: Trying out a new technology can be daunting but there’s plenty to help. As well as your friendly learning technologists you have access to the USW TEACH website, where you can find guides on ‘how-to’ use all the tools. There’s a link to it called ‘Help for staff’ on the homepage of Blackboard.

5: Google Chrome is the best browser to use with any of the USW applications. If you find something is not behaving as you expect, check your browser. If you don’t have Chrome installed on your work PC you can submit a request via the IT helpdesk. If you’re on your own device you can download it for free.

6: Need to be added to a module as a leader? Only module leaders as listed under the module title in Blackboard can add new leaders to that module. Contact one of these people to add you.

7: It’s a flip! All the tech tools available to you here at USW can help you to flip your classroom either partially or fully. You can pre-empt lectures or seminars with video, quizzes, reading lists, discussion tasks and more.

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