Day 1: The 12 days of TELmas

November 29, 2018

On the first day of TELmas your learning technology team give to you…

One Workshop

How to make the most of UniLearn: Blackboard Basics – Newport NCB24 15.30 – 16.30
Get started with Blackboard and the essentials of adding different content and what you need to do to make sure you’re meeting the module minumum requirement. Click the link to book a place! (To log in to iTrent you need to enter your staff number and then your usual uni password).

And One TEL team!

Not sure who’s your faculty learning technologist, or who is the controller of all things Blackboard – find out here! We’ve been joined by some new faces (and some returning old ones) recently so it’s time to get to know the team.

Name: Martin Lynch.

Role: Learning Systems Manager, ITS.

About me: Although I’m part of the IT Department, I play a key role in the provision of TEL as the System administrator for Blackboard, Turnitin, Panopto, QMP, eStream and project manager for Learning Analytics and our current implementation of the Grades Journey mark entry project as well as the IT integrations that bind the systems together. This means my role covers fixing broken stuff as well as ‘roadmap’ stuff.

What I want for Xmas: MSR Carbon Reflex 1 Backpacking tent – a miracle of engineering this ultra-lightweight two-skin tent weighs only 790g and will keep me dry on my mad alpine bike-packing adventures (beats sleeping under a tractor in Slovenia!).

Name: Catherine Naamani.

Role: Head of Enhancing Learning through Technology, CELT.

About me: I head up the team of Learning Technologists based in CELT who provide support and staff development around using technology to enhance learning and teaching. This means that I work with the Heads of Learning & Teaching and Student Experience to identify Faculty TEL priorities and coordinate the TEL workshop and seminar series that CELT runs. I also teach on the PGCLTHE. A linguist by background, my interest in technology is less about the tools and more about how it can be used to enhance the student experience both in the classroom and during non-contact time.

What I want for Xmas: This year I’ll be spending Christmas in Beirut so it will be a very family oriented affair, which is just as I like it – without forgetting the delights of Middle Eastern cuisine of course!

Name: Lucy-Ann Pickering.

Role: Learning Technologist, CELT.

About me: I am the newest member of the Technology Enhanced Learning team in CELT having started in October, and part of my role is to support FBS staff to improve their teaching and learning with technology. I am from both a museum and teaching background, having been Education manager for the Royal Mint Museum (Llantrisant) for the last 7 years and previously a secondary RE teacher. I really love exploring new ideas and opportunities to make learning engaging, and in particular the way technology can help those with additional learning needs.

What I want for Xmas: The complete series of Hercule Poirot starring David Suchet. I might have a thing about murder mysteries…

Name: Sophie Meace.

Role: Learning Technologist, CELT.

About me: I am a part of the Technology Enhanced Learning team in CELT, part of my role is to support FLSE staff to develop their use of technology for teaching and learning. I have previously taught Computer Science in an FE college and have most recently started my PhD which focuses on the use of technology in Welsh-medium education. Although I have a computer science background, I am more interested in the application of tools, the skills we need to survive in a digital society and how technology can enhance everyday life.

What I want for Xmas: I will be heading to Glastonbury festival next year, so some new wellies to set me up for the muddy fields wouldn’t go a miss!

Name: Carl Sykes.

Role: Senior Learning Technologist (Distinctive Learning Environment), CELT.

About me: I have worked for USW (and previously UWN) since 2008, when I started as Enterprise Officer in the School of Health and Social Sciences. I became a Senior Learning Technologist in 2017 and am also the FCI Faculty TEL Partner. I’m currently working with staff to help embed our new Audience Response System into their T&L practice.

I am a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and hold my PGCDPPHE.

What I want for Xmas: Some beers from my favourite local brewery will do the job!

Name: Elizabeth Jones.

Role: Senior Learning Technologist (Academic Programmes), CELT.

About me: My role is split between supporting FCES staff with technology enhanced learning and working on central projects such as the PGCLTHE and the TLS@USW scheme for HEA recognition . I have worked in learning technology for seven years and prior to that my background is in academic libraries. I’m qualified as a librarian and whilst I do love books what this really means is I’m interested in how we use, manage and share information in all kinds of ways (very much including how we use it for education).

What I want for Christmas: A ticket to the 2019 World Science Fiction Convention in Dublin. I’m an avid fan of science fiction books and Worldcon is the highlight of every science fiction year and it’s wonderful to have it happening so close next year.

Name: Neil Price.

Role: Learning Technologist, CELT.

About me: Starting with the University in May 2017, my focus has been supporting the Learning Analytics project. With nine years as an e-Learning Mentor in FE, I have helped staff use many tools to enhance their classroom delivery. The response I have received for the roll out of the JISC learning Analytics tools here at USW has surpassed all my expectations and has been, by far, one of the best solutions I have been involved with for many years. It has been a real pleasure training our teams on the use of the dashboards over the last few months.

What I want for Xmas: I am easy to please. Time away with the family always works for me, Boxing Day onwards in Tenby is the plan I think, although anything golf related usually ticks my box.

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