Day 2: The 12 Days of TELmas

November 30, 2018

On the second day of TELmas your learning technology team gives to you…

...answers to some of the most common questions we’ve been asked this term!

Question: I want to make a group assignment, what should I use?
Answer: Blackboard assignment tool will allow you to create group assignments.
Get help for Blackboard group assignments here

Question: I want my students to peer assess their work, what should I use?
Answer: Turnitin will allow you to set up an assignment where students can peer assess their work.
Get help for peer assessment in Turnitin here

Question: I’m supposed to be marking students’ work, but I can’t open the assignments in Turnitin, what is wrong?
Answer: Even if you are listed as a module leader on Blackboard you might not be registered as an instructor in Turnitin. This can happen if you are added to a module incorrectly as a student first. Turnitin doesn’t update in the same way that Blackboard does, so it won’t know your status has changed and you won’t have permission to view assignments. Contact Neil Price for assistance.
Contact Neil Price here

Question: I want my students to submit their work as a video, how can they do this?
Answer: If a submission is a video only, this can be recorded on any device and uploaded to an assignments folder that corresponds to your module on Panopto. Students can upload video from a computer to the Panopto cloud or directly from a mobile device using the Panopto app. The link to this video can then be submitted through a Blackboard assignment.
If you want your students to record a PowerPoint presentation and voiceover, there are two main options:

  1. Students can download and use the Panopto software. This will allow them to record their voice and their presentation at the same time as a video. The presentation and should either be recorded directly into, or subsequently be uploaded to, the assignments folder.
  2. Using the voice-over function of Office 365. PowerPoint in Office 365 will allow students to narrate their slides one at a time. When the presentation plays the recorded narration will also play. This file can either be saved as a PowerPoint or as a video. Video files are preferable because they are not editable after submission. However PowerPoint files can be uploaded through Blackboard or Turnitin assignments.

Get help for Panopto here
Get help for using narration in Office 365 here

Question: Can I edit my rubric?
Answer: If you are the owner of a rubric you can edit it. However if you have already started to mark students’ work and you make a change it will erase all marks already entered for assignments that have used that rubric. If you are not the owner of the rubric you want to use, you can duplicate it and save it as a new version with your changes.
Get help for rubrics in Blackboard here
Get help for rubrics in Turnitin here

Question: A student’s originality report says pending, is that a problem?
Answer: Most of the time Turnitin will produce a student’s originality report. If it does not, either the student or you can re-upload the assignment, which will often resolve the problem.
Get help accessing Turnitin assignments here

Question: Can I be added to a module as a module leader?
Answer: Only existing module leaders can add staff onto their modules as leaders. To find out who is listed as a module leader for the one you want to be added to, look below the title of the module on Blackboard.
More information on modules can be found here

Question: Why am I receiving a ‘recycle Turnitin assignment’ message and what should I do?
Answer: This can happen when a module is rolled over and the assessments are stored somewhere else other than the assessments area. If you get this message and there are no other assignments in the module you can just click ‘recycle’, and you should be able to create a new assignment. To prevent this happening in the future, make sure that all assessments are created and stored in the assessments area of the module.
You can read the module minimum guidelines here

Question: I want a guest lecturer to speak to my students but they are unable to come to the university, what can I use?
Answer: Blackboard Collaborate can be used both as an equivalent to Skype for a single presenter, or as an online meeting room. You can create a session from inside the Blackboard module, and these can be recorded and made available to students. Anyone presenting or attending the meeting only has to follow a simple link – no specialist software or account required.
Get help using Blackboard Collaborate here

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