Good practice showcase

From 2017, we aim to use this page to collate and archive materials from past CELT events that can be shared and used to stimulate innovative practice, scholarly thinking and conversation about teaching and learning.

Where possible recordings of past CELT seminars and conferences will be amde available along with any available presentation slides, handouts, and links to further reading or information.

Aims of this showcase

This showcase helps us keep working toward the aims of the CELT Seminar series and to further support great teaching and learning at USW. Framed in the values of USW, with the ambition to be inclusive of all who support our students’ learning experiences and underpinned by scholarship, we aim:

  • To connect people: to connect people with similar and different perceived needs / wants and foci of activity. There will be good reason to bring people with similarities together, but enabling diversity can spark the unexpected, and in the unexpected true transformation can emerge;
  • To make visible people’s passion for their students’ and the learning experiences they develop;
  • To strengthen the visible linkages between people’s (individuals and groups/ teams) activities and the USW mission, vision and values – and thus to the Student Experience Plan ;
  • To foster a culture of curiosity about our individual and collective impact(s) on others’ learning;
  • To enable people to ask questions: of themselves, their own practice, each other’s practices;
  • To help people find answers / explore these questions in personally- and contextually-relevant ways;
  • To offer opportunities for disseminating thinking, practices and scholarship ;
  • To draw on the expertise in USW to facilitate these seminars, people’s dissemination activities and enable personal reflection – and in so doing showcase that expertise for others to explore;
  • To connect to external agenda through critical engagement with scholarship / UKPSF / HE generic and discipline-focused agenda locally, nationally and internationally; and by inviting input from external contributors;
  • To offer forums that enable the recognition and celebration of impactful teaching / learning support;
  • To support USW’s need for evidence of its integration of scholarship and teaching; its teaching quality (individuals, groups / teams), and student outcomes and learning gains.