Centre for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching

Centre for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching

Welcome to CELT

The Centre for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT) works with Faculties and Support Services on the support, development, and recognition of staff and students as educational developers, practitioners, researchers, and leaders.

Other Useful Websites

Assessment Life Cycle Hub (ALCH)

This site follows the assessment life cycle, from the creation of a new assessment to its implementation throughout the academic year and will introduce you to USW's Assessment Principles. Although the focus in the assessment life cycle is, primarily on summative assessment the principles set out here relate to formative assessment as well.

Enabling Active Learning (EAL)

Active Learning has been the framing pedagogy of USW learner experience for many years. This site will introduce you to the USW EAL Principles. The principles keep true to the USW pedagogic offer of inclusive, accessible and digitally supported Active Learning, and enable local flexibility around a common core offer.

USW Communities of Expertise

A Community of Expertise, or CommExp for short, is a group of USW staff who come together because of a shared expertise in a particular area of work, research or pedagogy. CommsExp are vibrant, safe and friendly places to meet people from across the University and, through discussion about what you do and why you do it, enable mutual learning and unexpected new ventures to emerge.