PeerMark Assignment

PeerMark is a peer review assignment tool and is used with Turnitin. PeerMark allows students to read, review and evaluate one or many papers submitted by their classmates. The basic stages of the peer review process are:

  • Instructor creates a Turnitin paper assignment
  • Instructor creates a PeerMark assignment and sets the number of papers students will be required to review, and creates free response an scale questions for students to respond to while reviewing papers
  • Student papers are submitted to the Turnitin assignment
  • On the PeerMark assignment start date, students begin writing peer reviews
  • For each assigned paper students write reviews by responding to the free response and scale questions
  • Students receive reviews as other students complete them
  • Once the PeerMark assignment due date passss no more reviews can be written, completed or edited by the writer

Step 1

Locate and open the Turnitin assignment you want to use PeerMark with.

Step 2

Select the Turnitin PeerMark manager icon from the Tools area.

Launch peermark manager button - cogPeermark 1

Step 3

In the PeerMark manager select the 'plus sign' to create a PeerMark assignment.

Peermark - add button

Step 4

Fill in the details for your assessment. 

  • The start date will be automatically be set for 2 minutes after the Turnitin paper submission closes, but can be altered if required. 
  • The due date is the point after which students can no longer review papers. 
  • The feedback release date will be when any peer and tutor feedback is made available to the students - you may want to make sure that this is set the same as your Turnitin post date for the assignment.

peermark assignment details - date and points

Step 5

Use the 'Additional Settings' menu to choose how papers are released for review, then click Save & Continue.

Step 6

Use the PeerMark Questions tab to create or add questions for student reviewers. You can save your questions to the library to use again. 

peermark - add questions

Step 7

Use the Distribution tab to pair, unpair or exclude students from the review process. 

Adjust peermark distributions using plus or minus buttons

To access and grade PeerMark assignments:

Step 1

Open the Turnitin assignment.

Step 2

Launch the PeerMark review icon from the Tools area.

Open peermark manager

Step 3

You will now see your assignment inbox area with an overview of all student submissions. Use this overview to see which students have completed their peer reviews, view and grade the reviews online, download assignments and reviews for offline marking, and to write your own reviews.