Turnitin is one of the online assessment and feedback tools used at USW. It is suitable for individual TEXT-based file submissions up to 100MB and is able to provide similarity reports on student work.


Turnitin provide detailed support guides to take you through the process of setting up, editing

and marking your assignments. You can access a full range of Turnitin guides on how to:

Turnitin can be used for individual TEXT-based files that are:

  • Under 100 MB; 
  • Under 800 pages;
  • Containing more than 25 words.

In order for Turnitin to produce a similarity score and for the submission to be available to mark in the Feedback studio it must be one of these file types. Turnitin can take other documents but it will not produce a similarity score and the submission may not be available to mark in the viewer. Turnitin does not accept image files (jpg, png, etc), audio or video (mp3, mp4, wav, etc) or other non-text based files. 

If you are setting up an assignment which uses different types of files (multiple file submission, code, images, videos, etc.) it is advised that you use the Blackboard Assignment tool instead.

You can find a full range of support information and advice on the use of Turnitin for students on the IT Services website.