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Blackboard is the primary virtual learning environment (VLE) used here at the University of South Wales.

Each of your modules and courses has a presence in Blackboard and by effectively using the online area for each of them you will ensure that your students will have access to relevant and timely information, resources and announcements via the web, anytime and anywhere.

Ensuring that your modules and courses comply with the Virtual Learning Environment Course and Module Baseline Expectations is one way you can actively support your students through the VLE.

Blackboard Instructor is Blackboard's mobile application that gives instructors a quick and easy way to manage courses, interact with students and view content.

Blackboard Instructor allows instructors to:

  • Manage courses anytime, anywhere, 
  • Preview content & assessments, 
  • Create & reply to discussions, 
  • Review, create & send out announcements. 
The Blackboard app is available for Android, iOS and Windows and can be downloaded from the links on the Blackboard app page.