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Digitally Enabled Education Starter Hub


This resource hub will provide you with the basics for getting started with USW learning systems and provide some context for the approach to digitally enabled education at USW. 

We recommend you familiarise yourself with the guidance included in this area within the first three months of starting at USW. You do not need to know all this information immediately but please refer to the 'Urgent Help' section if you do need immediate support. 

Further Support and Useful Links

Please contact the Digitally Enabled Education (DEE) team should you need any further support with the above or have any questions about technology for teaching, learning and assessment. The team can provide guidance about how technology can be used to enhance and support learning and teaching in various ways such as designing your module on the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), how to deliver inclusive digital assignments and activities online, encouraging active learning among students, polling tools, classroom technologies, recording lectures or online resources, and more.

A list of useful links and resources that have been referenced on these pages has been provided below for ease of access. 

  • CELT website provides a range of guidance and resources to support you using USW tools and learning systems to support teaching, learning and assessment. 
  • Unilearn tool selector infographics will help you identify the most appropriate tools to use. 
  • USW EAL provides guidance and resources to support you with delivering Digitally Enablinged Active Learning at USW. 
  • Inclusive practice pages on the CELT website provide examples of inclusive practice and links to useful guides and resources.
  • Assessment lifecycle hub will help you locate all the information you need relating to assessment at USW.
  • IT Services provide further guidance and support for using other tools and systems at USW including guidance for students.