What is Panopto?

Panopto is a video management, lecture recording, and livecasting software service. It comprises two key parts: 

  1. An audio and video hosting platform;
  2. Recording/livecasting applications.

What should I use Panopto for?

  • Recording lectures for later use by students.
  • Live broadcast of lectures (to students or external to university).
  • Upload and management of video/audio resources for use in teaching and learning.
  • Submission of video/audio assessments.

PLEASE NOTE: Recording educational activities is governed by the USW Lecture Recording Policy. Please make sure you are familiar with this policy before recording any teaching. 

Archived Panopto recordings

All recordings in Panopto that are older than 12 months, and have not been watched in over 12 months, will be automatically archived. This includes content in users' personal 'My Folder'. This process will not delete any recordings. Archived content will appear with an Archive icon over it and when hovered over, you can select the button Restore from Archive that appears underneath its title.  

Restored recordings will automatically be made available for viewing again within 48 hours. For help restoring recordings visit Panopto’s ‘How to Restore Archived Content’ support page

Before recording with the Panopto application you must first prepare your Blackboard module area for use with Panopto. 
When using Panopto on a new device you may be asked to enter the server address. The USW server is: southwales.cloud.panopto.eu .

You have three options to choose from if you want to record with Panopto on your own device:

The Panopto desktop recorder software application: 

You will also want to refer to the Accessing the Panopto desktop recorder software guidance in the next section.

The Panopto web-based recorder Panopto Capture:

The Panopto App:  

IMPORTANT: You can only record to your personal folder (MyFolder) via the app. Recordings in your MyFolder will need to be moved to a module folder before students can view them. 

On a USW Device e.g., USW laptop:

You can download and install Panopto onto a USW device through the USW UniApps service. To use UniApps please login here.

On a non-USW Device e.g., personal laptop:

  1. You can download and install Panopto onto a non-USW device through the USW AppsAnywhere service. To install the AppsAnywhere service follow the instructions on the IT Services website.
  2. You can install the Panopto recorder directly from the Panopto website.
To install from the website:

In a teaching room with a PC/ Mac installed:

The Panopto desktop recorder software is installed on all USW machines in teaching rooms by default. A microphone and/or webcam should be available in every teaching room. If hardware is not available please log a call on the IT Helpdesk. If the software is not installed use the guidance to open Panopto via UniApps, or use Panopto Capture.

In a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) teaching room:

In a BYOD teaching room, you can record your session by connecting your own device to the in-room technology (microphone and camera) using mira casting and the vSolution app. For further detailed guidance on how to do this please visit our BYOD In-class Teaching web page.  

In line with USW EAL guidance and to be accessibility compliant you must upload all recordings, including those made in Blackboard Collaborate or Teams, to the Panopto folder for your module or course. This will ensure your recordings are auto-captioned and available to students for review. 

Panopto supports a broad range of video formats, allowing you to upload audio and video content made with other software.

You must be copyright compliant if uploading a recording that you have not made yourself. 

Students can access recordings on the module by navigating to the Panopto area. Please refer to the provisioning guidance above if you have not yet created a link to Panopto on your module/course menu.

However for a more seamless learning experience you can embed your videos into your Learning Materials area. 

It is easy to copy and move recordings between folders in Panopto. You may find that you need to do this if you have made a recording in your MyFolder, or want to use the same recording with multiple modules.

Reference copies:

When you copy recordings from one module to another it is preferred that you create reference copies, not full copies of the recordings. Reference copies are useful because:

  1. Reference copies reference the original i.e. any changes made on the original recording will also be made to the reference copies.
  2. Reference copies are identical to the original but have their own analytics.
  3. Reference copies do not count towards our total video storage capacity.

Note: If you edit a reference copy it becomes a standalone recording i.e. it is no longer connected to the original recording and does count towards our total video storage capacity.  

Copy multiple recordings (batch copy):

If you need to copy multiple recordings from one module to another, for example to provide the same content across multiple module instances, you should do this using Panopto’s batch copy feature.

Copy or move individual recordings:

Complete the following steps to create a reference copy of an individual recording:

  1. Navigate to the folder that includes the video in question.
  2. Hover over the video and click Settings.
  3. Next, click Manage.
  4. Under the copy video/ Copy video to, select ‘Create Reference Copy’.
  5. Click OK.
  6. This will create a copy of the video in the same folder. You can also rename the video and save in a different folder.
  7. The video will begin processing and will appear in your Panopto library.

Please note: If you are using the Panopto website there is a short-cut Copy button that appears when you select a recording by checking the box next to it. However this will create a FULL copy, not a reference copy by default. 

How to move recordings:

You can move recordings from one folder to another without copying them.

To access and manage your recordings and folders you can go to the USW Panopto website.

If you need to edit your recording you can do this in Panopto’s editor. You can trim the beginning and ends of your recording, and you can also cut sections from within the recording if needed. 


  1. If you edit the original version of a video that has been used to create reference copies, the reference copies will be edited also.
  2. Editing a reference copy of a recording will disconnect it from the original recording so that it becomes a stand-alone version.

Manage and Merge recordings:

If you need to you can rename a recording.

To organise your recordings you can create folders and subfolders.

Panopto allows you to merge any two sessions together.

Provide access to rolled-over embedded recordings, or recordings in other modules:

You can provide access to recordings on other modules by creating reference copies as outlined above. Please copy the recordings, do not share them or the folder they are in.

Panopto can also help you to track which parts of your recordings are being watched most frequently.

More guidance on advanced video management options is available on the Panopto website. 

Please note:

From January 2022 it is no longer necessary that you  set up a Panopto Assignment folder on your module for students to be able to submit to your assignment. You are only required to set up a Blackboard Assignment. The following guidance takes you through the new process – student guidance on the IT Services website has been updated to match. 

Student guidance for completing Panopto Assignments is available on the IT Services webpage. 

The following recorded webinars are available to USW staff via the links below (internal):

UK accessibility regulations now require us to caption all recordings that are stored (live delivery is exempt but if it is recorded then the recording has to be captioned within 14 days). 

In line with USW EAL guidance and to be accessibility compliant you must upload all recordings, including those made in Blackboard Collaborate or Teams, to the Panopto folder for your module or course. This will ensure your recordings are auto-captioned and available to students for review. 

All pre-recorded material that is uploaded to Panopto (or any other USW hosting platform) will be captioned automatically.

Please note that as these captions are machine generated they are not always accurate. The captions can be edited to improve accuracy. 

The Panopto accessibility page outlines further accessibility features.

Human Transcription

If you require accurate transcription of a recording (ie to support a disabled learner) then you can request that a recording is captioned by a human transcriber. 

To request human transcriptions please contact Digitally Enabled Education. 

If you are recording live lectures or events where students are present you will need to make sure that they are aware of what is happening and how the recording will be used. If you are recording lectures for the use of current (and future) students only then the recording is being made in the legitimate interest of learning and teaching. More information about privacy can be found on the Lecture Recording Policy hub

Before the lecture

If you are using Panopto to capture any lectures you should inform your learners of this activity. Presentation and announcement templates are available via the Lecture Recording Policy hub.

During the lecture

Make students aware you’re recording by:

  • Telling them it’s happening each time you will be recording.
  • Using the sample declaimer slide.

Explaining what will be recorded (ie video or audio). The first time you record with a new group of students you may wish to give additional information such as:

  • If a camera is being used to capture video, make clear which areas it is capturing.
  • Explain that microphones may capture any incidental noise and conversations so avoid personal topics when recordings are happening.

If they don’t want to be recorded on video:

  • Where possible, inform students where they can sit to be off camera. In most classrooms most student desks aren’t in the area where pre-installed webcams are pointed but you should check the video feed to be sure.

If they don’t want their voices to be recorded (ie when asking questions or during discussions):

  • Recordings can be paused and re-started as needed.
  • Or, offer students the opportunity to ask questions by writing them on paper or using our online audience response tool Vevox.

After the Lecture

If necessary, recordings can be edited to remove specific sections. If a student is captured - and wants to be removed afterwards - they are encouraged to make removal of contribution requests as soon as possible after the educational activity via IT Helpdesk.

Privacy Policies and Notices

USW Website Privacy Policy.

The Lecture Recording Policy Hub.

Server address

To access and manage your recordings and folders you can go to the USW Panopto website: http://southwales.cloud.panopto.eu. 

There is no webcam/microphone in my teaching room (or they aren't working).

Log a call with the IT Helpdesk online or by phone (01443) 482882.  

I don't have Creator permissions

If you are attached to modules on Blackboard then this means none of your modules have been connected to Panopto. 

If you are a member of staff who isn't attached to any Blackboard modules (i.e. library, student services) then will need to request Panopto creator permissions on the IT helpdesk. This will give you access to a private 'My Folder' to record to. 

If you think you need access to another folder then please state this in the helpdesk call. 

My module doesn't appear in the recorder. 

If you are attached to modules on Blackboard then this means none of your modules have been connected to Panopto. 

If you don't have time to do this (i.e. the lecture needs to start), just select 'My Folder'. You can then move the recording to the correct module folder later.