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Vevox is an audience response tools which allows “presenters” to interact with students and other audiences via polls, text responses, or multiple choice questions displayed through their mobile devices (iPad, laptop, desktop computer, mobile phone). Vevox sessions are referred to as “meetings” and can gather responses from up to 500 individual participants.

Vevox enables instant feedback from your learners and can be used to enhance engagement and participation within face to face lectures. Use of Vevox faciliates discussion and enables all students to take an active role in their learning i.e it is an inclusive tool.

Examples of how Vevox can be used include:

  • PowerPoint integration: live polls can be run within your presentation
  • Voting/live polls outside of PowerPoint
  • Posting questions to gather responses
  • Moderation of responses before display

More information regarding Vevox can be found on their Introduction to Vevox pages.

How to obtain an account/log in details

Please note: Due to the need for Single Sign-On to be added to your Vevox account, you will not be able to create a USW account directly. To register for a Vevox account, please email Carl Sykes.

The Digitally Enabled Education (DEE) team are happy to provide advice and support about how best to use Vevox to enhance learning and teaching. 

Or you could sign up for one of the weekly online 'Jumpstarter’ sessions organised by Vevox for those looking to begin using this tool with their students. For a list of all upcoming sessions, and to book a place, please go to the Vevox Webinars page

Examples of how Vevox is being used in education are available on the Vevox Use Cases page and on the Vevox for Education YouTube playlist