Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy Project 2016/17

Graduate Intern - Sophie Meace

What is digital literacy?

JISC define Digital Literacies as ‘those capabilities which fit an individual for living, learning and working in a digital society’ (JISC, 2015). Digital Literacy levels of University of South Wales (USW) staff and students are often assumed and this project aims to eliminate the assumptions and create a bigger picture of what ‘Digital Literacy’ means and looks like for staff and students at USW.

The Project

The Digital Literacy Project derived from an introductory study completed in August 2016, which was originally designed to facilitate a greater understanding of individuals’ digital skills, experiences and expectations across the University of South Wales (USW). In September 2016, USW took part in the JISC Student Digital Experience Tracker and the project continued to help establish current levels of digital literacy across the University.

The outcomes from the project were intended to provide an initial platform for developing staff and student digital literacy at USW. The wide-spread dissemination from the findings of the project across the institution enabled a better understanding of individuals’ experiences and expectations of the use of technology for teaching and learning. 

What CELT are doing

CELT are currently supporting and working with faculties to develop staff digital literacy skills to enhance pedagogy and using Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) to facilitate active and experiential approaches, simulation and immersion at course level to move pedagogy away from transmission of information to dialogue (e.g. through flipped classroom learning) and to create resilience to staff changes through access to quality online resources with reference to the objectives S07.3 and S02.8 in the Student Experience Plan.

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