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Personal Academic Coaching

Personal Academic Coaching

What is Personal Academic Coaching?

Personal Academic Coaching provides students with support through a series of rich conversations with a Personal Academic Coach (or PAC for short!) regarding their overall academic and professional progress on their course.

A PAC supports students in “joining the dots” of different aspects of their chosen course and intended profession, monitoring regularly and aiding their academic progress, catching any other issues they have and referring them to appropriate support in Student Advice or Careers. This enhances their student experience, but also aids engagement and retention.

Following successful Pilots every First-Year Under-Graduate Students (Level 4, and Level 3 in some Faculties) and progressing Level 5 will have a Personal Academic Coach. For those courses previously involved in the Pilot, this will continue.

When will I meet with Students?

For all new Level 3 or 4 students meetings should take place three times a year:

  • During or shortly after Induction Period: This may be a group or individual meeting to agree expectations and timings of meetings for the year.
  • Before the end of Term 1: An individual student tutorial following Induction, Immersive Learning and first point of Assessment.
  • Before the end of Term 2: An individual student tutorial when the first half of the year is complete, and grades should be available.

Individual sessions will be of 20 to 30 minutes duration.

For existing or progressing students with a PAC already assigned, usually Level 5 and above then two meetings per year, with times chosen to address specific pattern of retention are advised.

This applies to Full-Time “mainstream” Undergraduate Students studying in an Academic Year pattern of September/October to May/June. It is recognised that courses such as Post-Graduate taught and Professional Courses that have different start dates and durations will not follow this. These can necessarily adopt a different pattern, but must adhere to the number of meetings, duration of sessions and documentation.

Who will help me do this?

You are supported by a series of training events in your Faculty led by your Academic Subject Managers, with follow up Drop-In sessions at the end of each Academic Term to discuss any issues you may have. Ongoing support will be provided by your Academic Subject Managers, Heads of Learning, Teaching and Student Experience, or designated Faculty PAC Co-ordinator.

PAC Training Resources

Please click the following link to find out more about Resources for Personal Academic Coaches

This includes training resources used in sessions. Feel free to look at all resources but all PACs must attend formal training.