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Pedagogic Research

Pedagogic Research

What is pedagogic research (PedRes)?

Pedagogic research is about adopting a curiosity about how the learning experiences we create for others impacts on their learning. You will often see Pedagogic Researcg, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Research-Informed Teaching, Professional Practice Rationale, Scholarship of Learning all used interchangeably. They can mean slightly different things, but as far as our learners are concerned, the ideas behind the terms are about your critical enquiry and curiosity into what helps them learn.

Importantly, PedRes is about getting curious and then sharing your thoughts, project findings, ideas and outputs with others so they can help you explore your ideas with larger/different groups. Some scholarship will lead to internal and external dissemination at conferences, in journals or through other media. Scholarship connects curious educators.

Why it is important

Being curious about our individual and collective impacts on someone else’s learning lies at the heart of all our work at USW. PedRes can be an individual / team reflection on an innovation, a review of the year or a formal enquiry project. The key is being curious and thinking about how your experiences and observations link to what others have thought before.

Teaching / Learning / Learning Support curiosity, reflection and enquiry help to keep us, as individuals and the University as a whole, current, forward-looking, inclusive and responsive. This is important for our student recruitment and staff retention and, through our outputs, conference attendance and publications, puts USW firmly on the teaching excellence map.

Scholarship activities can also create connections within and outside USW, build profiles for personal promotion, enable individual / team claims for excellence internally (IELTAs and TELTAs) and externally (NTFS and CATE) and support UKPSF recognition. Scholarship-informed-teaching is also something we can use positively in TEF submissions.

How CELT can help

CELT, in collaboration with your HOLSTE/Head of Learning and Teaching/Support Service Leader/the Research Office, runs workshops that introduce the ideas behind Scholarship, explore some methodological approaches and introduce some internal and external funding and collaboration. View the CELT Events page.

CELT will also support dissemination activities internally and externally through workshops and 1:1 guidance, draft reading, resource creation etc.

How you can get involved