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Pedagogic Research

Pedagogic Research

Pedagogic research (sometimes called PedRes or educational scholarship) is about getting curious about our individual and collective impact on other learning, and then sharing our thoughts, project findings, ideas and outputs with others so they can help us explore your ideas with larger/different groups. Some scholarship will lead to internal and external sharing at conferences, in journals or through other media. Scholarship connects curious educators.

Teaching / Learning / Learning Support curiosity, reflection and enquiry help to keep us, as individuals, and the University as a whole, current, forward-looking, inclusive and responsive. This is important for our student recruitment and staff retention and, through our outputs, conference attendance and publications, puts USW firmly on the teaching excellence map.
Scholarship activities can also create connections within and outside USW, build profiles for personal promotion, enable individual / team claims for excellence internally ( eg.STaRS) and externally (NTFS and CATE) and support [UKPSF recognition.

CELT, in collaboration with your Head of Learning Teaching & Student Experience / Education Research lead, runs workshops that introduce the ideas behind Educational scholarship, explore some methodological approaches and introduce some internal and external collaboration opportunities.

If you are interested in finding out more about Pedagogic Research, please contact [email protected]