Centre for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching

Technology Enhanced Learning

Technology Enhanced Learning, Teaching and Assessment

The use of technology to enhance learning and teaching is a key element of the University’s Student Experience Plan. The Enhancing Learning through Technology team in CELT supports faculties, departments and the University of South Wales group as a whole to make use of innovative approaches to the use of technology in learning, teaching and assessment, which will enhance the learning experience.

Our objectives are to:

  • Contribute to the University’s CPD framework to develop staff to use technology to enhance learning and teaching, ensuring that practice is inclusive and grounded in the relevant educational theories and which adheres to the UKPSF;
  • Undertake relevant research and scholarship in the use of technology to enhance learning and teaching;
  • Work in the context of the Student Experience Plan to develop staff and student digital literacy skills;
  • Provide and share across the group, good practice examples of technology enhanced learning;
  • Contribute to workshops and seminars organised as part of the Student Experience Plan;
  • To work with Faculties to develop staff in the appropriate use of technology for learning and teaching on the University’s courses;
  • Promote and raise awareness of online assessment, using tools such as Turnitin, Blackboard Assignments, Panopto, e-Portfolios and other tools as appropriate;
  • Develop our use of emerging technologies to support students’ learning and thus enhancing their learning experience.

Workshops and Events

Throughout the year, we run a programme of workshops and events designed to help you think about how you can incorporate technology to enhance learning and teaching. Sessions include using Blackboard, Panopto, Online Assessment and Feedback, VeVox and more. All workshops and seminars are included in our CELT Events listings. We also provide drop-in support through the TEL faculty partners. For more information or to find out who your TEL faculty partner is see the Help and Support pages

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