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Technology Enhanced Learning, Teaching & Assessment

The use of technology to enhance learning and teaching is a key element of the University’s Student Experience Plan. The Enhancing Learning through Technology team in CELT supports faculties, departments and the University of South Wales group as a whole to make use of innovative approaches to the use of technology in learning, teaching and assessment, which will enhance the learning experience.

Our objectives are to:

  • Contribute to the University’s CPD framework to develop staff who are innovative in their approach to using technology to enhance learning and teaching, ensuring that practice is inclusive and grounded in the relevant educational theories and which adheres to the UKPSF;
  • Work in the context of the Student Experience Plan to develop staff and student digital literacy skills;
  • Contribute to workshops and seminars organised as part of the Student Experience Plan;
  • Provide and share across the group, good practice examples of online assessment developments;
  • Undertake relevant research and scholarship in the use of technology to enhance learning and teaching;
  • Promote and raise awareness of online assessment, using tools such as Turnitin, Grademark, Peermark and other tools as appropriate;
  • Work with IT Services to develop staff and students in the use of online assessment tools used on the University’s courses;
  • Develop our use of emerging technologies to support students’ learning and thus strengthening their online experience;
  • Contribute to the development of a University presence on iTunesU.

Throughout the year, CELT organises a series of workshops and events designed to help you think about how you can incorporate technology to enhance learning and teaching. All workshops and seminars are included in our CELT Events listings. We also provide drop-in support through the TEL faculty partners. For more information or to find out your TEL faculty partner see the list of TEL staff on the TEACH pages.

All University courses have an organisation in Unilearn which offers students access to all relevant information about the course including information about the modules that make up the course and links to the corresponding data stored in the Integrated Curriculum Information System. Students will also be able to view contact details for course team staff and student course representatives. They will be able to access the names of external examiners and other useful information, such as the course handbook. Twice yearly a course evaluation survey will be also be provided to students via the course organisation.

The following Policy sets out the Minimum Requirements in terms of the information that a student can expect to find in their Course Organisation:

Click here to read the Policy;

Click here to read the Checklist;

Click here to download the Course Handbook Template.

The University expects all staff to make appropriate use of the VLE, whether that is Moodle or Blackboard. The following Policy sets out the University’s expectations in terms of the minimum amount of information a student can expect to find in their modules:

Click here to read the Policy;

Click here to read the Guidelines for staff.

The University of South Wales believes that there are a number of benefits to using social software in learning and teaching. This document offers guidance on how best to use it and outlines some examples of how it might be used:

Click here for the University’s Guidelines on using Social Software to enhance learning, teaching and assessment.

The University encourages students to make use of laptops and mobile devices in their learning, teaching and assessment. The following guidelines, approved by Academic Board, are provided so that staff and students can make effective use of such devices in a formal learning and teaching environment:

Click here for Mobile Devices in Classrooms – Guidelines for Staff;

Click here for Mobile Devices in Classrooms – Guidelines for Staff (Cymraeg);

Click here for Mobile Devices in Classrooms – Guidelines for Students;

Click here for Mobile Devices in Classrooms – Guidelines for Students (Cymraeg).

Assessment Diaries have been established in the light of student feedback and they not only help students manage their workload but also provide them with clear, up-front information about how their programme of study will be assessed. In September 2011, online assessment diaries were introduced. These are integrated with Blackboard and ensure that students receive timely reminders of due dates and feedback dates


Turnitin is available to all staff and students and is an online tool which allows students to submit text-based coursework online quickly and easily. It can support the development of students’ academic writing skills by providing students with an originality report for formative feedback and helps staff identify potential cases of plagiarism.


Grademark allows you to add comments and provide online feedback to students while reading the Originality report, mark an assignment against specified criteria using a rubric or with a bank of frequently used comments and finally enter a mark for the assignment which is automatically saved into Blackboard GradeCentre.


Peermark works in much the same way as Grademark but is set up to facilitate peer assessment and feedback.

Blackboard Tests and Surveys

Blackboard also supports online tests and surveys, which are usually automatically marked by selecting or entering the correct answers.

Questionmark Perception

Questionmark Perception is used for in-class tests, exams, surveys and drives the Module Evaluation system. It provides extra functionality, beyond that which the Blackboard Test tool provides.

For further guidance on each of the areas listed above, refer to the relevant pages on TEACH ; we also offer staff development opportunities, available both face to face and online. To book onto one of our sessions or to find out about other opportunities, refer to our Staff Development pages on TEACH.