USW DEAL: Principles into Practice MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) 2

To ensure that all staff are able to take part in the USW DEAL: Principles into Practice springboard course, we are launching a MOOC style version.


Very similar to the tutor-facilitated version, the course will introduce you to the USW DEAL Principles and help you think about how you can implement them into your teaching practice.


Built to reflect the DEAL Principles in action, the course is made up of a series of short themes each taking about one hour to complete. The course offers a good mix of activity, space for safe reflection, and discussion. Open to large numbers of staff, the course will thrive on your shared ideas and while tutor support will be available, this will be less than the earlier courses.


Completely asynchronous, we are offering this new version over a two-week period to give you even more flexibility. There is no need to pre-register but if you would like to take part, then you are able to self-enrol. We are offering two start dates as below:


Option 1: 2 weeks starting July 27th 2020


Option 2: 2 weeks starting August 3rd 2020.


The course acts as a springboard to what your Faculties and CELT are offering, and will be complemented by central webinars, case-study exemplars and online resources.