Using Vevox and Padlet for Active Learning 12.02.2024

12-02-2024 at 12pm to 12-02-2024 at 1pm

Location: ONLINE

Audience: Public

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In this session we will explore the different ways you can use Vevox and Padlet to foster active learning in your synchronous and asynchronous teaching.

We will focus on effective strategies for:

• Using Vevox to facilitate communication, reflection and improve formative assessment.

• Facilitating collaboration, teamwork and whole class learning through Padlet.

Curriculum Design Principles:

• Encourages active, collaborative, and interdisciplinary learning.

• Enables digital fluency within the academic discipline.

• Designed for inclusivity.


Please note that this is not and introductory session to either tool and you must already be familiar with Vevox and Padlet before attending this workshop.

You can access introductory resources for both tools from the CELT website:

• Vevox

• Padlet


Lucy-Ann Pickering