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LEEP into Fellowship

LEEP into Fellowship

Higher Education Academy Professional Recognition

Introducing a taught route for claim making, ideal for exploring theories and ideas for making D1 & D2 claims.

Indicative content

Week 1

  • Safety and confidence building as individuals & as a group;
  • Start exploring practice through the lens of eduspeak and the UKPSF
  • Mapping against the UKPSF.
  • Non-contact time activity: Reading, reflective writing.

Week 2

Exploring conceptual frameworks that describe how students absorb, process, and retain knowledge during learning.
Non-contact time activity: Reading, reflective account of professional practice.

Week 3

  • PVs designing for valuing and enabling;
  • Clarity of claim making;
  • Surgery – 121/Q&A/Trouble shooting.
  • Non-contact time activity: Claim writing.


Series One December 2018

03.12.18: 10am–12pm Treforest B016.
06.12.18: 2pm–4pm Treforest B016.
11.12.18: 10am–12pm Treforest TC103.

Series Two April 2019

02.04.19: 2pm–4pm Newport TBA.
08.04.19: 10am–12pm Newport TBA.
11.04.19: 2pm–4pm Newport TBA.

Series Three July 2019

08.07.19: 2pm–4pm Cardiff TBA.
11.07.19: 10am–12pm Cardiff TBA.
15.07.19: 2pm–4pm Cardiff TBA.

Please note you will need to attend all 3 sessions in a series to receive the full value of the course.

2019 Deadlines for Submission

  • February 4th
  • June 4th
  • October TBA

For further information please contact Lyndsey Muir TSL@USW Scheme Lead. 

fellow@southwales.ac.uk 01443 654850

To book onto one of these series of events please visit the CELT Events calendar