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Recording educational activities

The University expects staff to provide recordings of lecture elements, or provide alternative digital learning resources, to students on taught courses. This policy aims to facilitate the practical and responsible recording of teaching sessions (or parts of sessions) containing direct instruction or the transmission of information. The “Procedure for Lecture Recording” document offers practical guidance on how to operationalise this policy.

This policy sets out the principles and practices for the creation, storage, access, and use of recorded lectures, including audio and video recordings. This policy is designed to manage student expectations and offer clarity regarding basic staff and student rights and responsibilities. The policy is required to help staff and students navigate various important elements, such as privacy and GDPR, retention and access, and intellectual property (IP) rights.

This policy sets out the requirements for the recording of audio and/or video of lecture activities, created for enrolled students, as set out in the purpose of the policy. This policy applies to all USW undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate taught programmes, and the taught elements of postgraduate research programmes, including part-time provision. This policy applies only to students taught on-campus at USW and excludes those taught online or by our partner colleges.

The policy applies to staff in the University of South Wales, and external contributors, who deliver any on-campus element of the USW’s academic portfolio, but excludes colleagues at USW’s partner colleges.

Please refer to the 2023/24 Lecture Recording Policy that states the University expects staff to provide recordings of lecture elements, or provide alternative digital learning resources, to students on taught courses to complement their learning through review and reflection and support inclusivity and accessibility. These recordings are not, other than in exceptional circumstances, a replacement for lecture attendance or other contact hours.

The primary purpose of lecture recording is to enhance the student experience by providing flexible and accessible access to course materials. Lecture recordings can serve as valuable study aids, providing students with the opportunity to revisit and review course content at their own pace and convenience. This supports USW’s 2030 Curriculum Design Principles by providing students with opportunities to revisit learning materials in alternative formats and enables students to engage with flexible, digitally-supported, teaching and learning experiences. Recordings can reduce linguistic barriers and enable accessible provision, particularly for students with caring responsibilities, additional educational needs, or who may need to study away from USW.

Before recording your teaching, it is important that your Panopto account is associated with the corresponding Blackboard module area (this is called “provisioning” your module). Provisioning will allow you to record directly into the correct module folder in Panopto and allow your students to access the recordings you create.

For help provisioning your course, and adding Panopto recordings to your course menu in Blackboard, visit this guide: https://celt.southwales.ac.uk/dee/resources/panopto/

Due to the phased modernisation of University learning spaces you may find yourself teaching in either a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) learning space or a conventional learning space (non-BYOD). You will know what room you are scheduled in by reviewing your online timetable.

In a BYOD learning spaces, staff will be required to bring their own, fully-charged, USW issued device into the learning space. To utilise the in-room camera and microphone through Panopto, users will need to interact with the Extron touch panel located on the lectern and the vSolution app found on your USW device. For further information on using this system, further information can be found here: https://celt.southwales.ac.uk/dee/byod/

In conventional learning spaces (non-BYOD) staff will have a dedicated computer which will have Panopto pre-installed. Accessing Panopto from the computer will enable you to utilise the connected microphone and webcam within the room. More information at: https://celt.southwales.ac.uk/dee/resources/panopto/

The policy recognises that technology failure and human error may, on occasion, result in unavailability of recordings. In such circumstances, staff should ensure that any presentation material (e.g. Slide Deck, documents) is made available to students. Staff should report technical problems via the IT Helpdesk for issues to be investigated.

Guidance is available on the CELT website at: https://celt.southwales.ac.uk/dee/resources/panopto/. Advice and support for staff, for managing their recordings in Panopto, can be obtained from CELT’s Digitally Enabled Education team.