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Student Experience Plan

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The USW Student Experience Plan (SEP) is a companion piece to the University Strategy and Academic Plan and outlines what the learning experience at USW will be and how we will build on our significant existing strengths to enable it. The SEP has been designed to help us to create graduates and postgraduates commensurate with the USW vision and mission in ways that are underpinned by the USW values.

The SEP was agreed by Academic Board in June 2016 and converted into 7 work-streams in September 2016.

The work-streams and their leaders are:

  • Student Achievement – Huw Swayne, Paulette Makepeace and Paula Keys
  • The assessment journey, and assessment for learning and e-learning – Sara Moggridge and Clare Kell
  • Transformative learning spaces – Greg Kemp and Clare Kell
  • Inspiring practitioners – Clare Kell
  • Raising Aspirations – Gillian Jack
  • Getting Started – Gillian Jack
  • Communicating the student journey – Sharon Jones

Learn more about the SEP and the individual projects on the SEP website.

USW has a proud and strong history of teaching excellence. The SEP makes this visible and, through its inter-connected Success Objectives with associated actions, will help us focus our efforts to enable consistency. Not only will the SEP enable USW to achieve its Performance Indicators, but it will also harness and spark new conversations, enquiries and a buzz of excitement and shared curiosity about the USW learner experience.

CELT is leading the Inspiring Practitioners work-stream which weaves educational development, as appropriate, through each of the other strands. In 2017 we will be working closely with the Raising Aspirations and Transformative Learning Spaces groups to develop seminars, mini-conferences, discussion fora where you can share your ideas and practices (look for the ‘In conversation’ seminars on our events page and iTrent listings) and network with others to study, critique and embed ideas in new contexts (look for the ‘Into practice’ seminars on our events page and iTrent listings).

The Inspiring Practitioners strand is also working to strengthen the visibility of USW’s Scholarship of Teaching within and outside the University by setting up workshops and writing retreats to explore SOT theories, approaches, and opportunities.

Digital Literacy is another weave through the SEP strands. CELT is aiming to embed digital literacy and technology-enhanced-learning theories (TEL) and practices across the strands by running a Digital Literacies JISC project and series of SEP-TEL workshops.

The Transformative Learning Spaces (TLS) project, a strand of the Student Experience Plan, took place during 2017/18 academic year.

Phase 1 of the TLS Research project aimed to evaluate the impact of furniture-based solutions on classroom interactions using the following research question. ‘What happens when furniture and decoration-based adjustments are made to flat-floor teaching rooms?’ A USW graduate intern, supported by a research group comprising staff from across USW, operationalised the data collection aspect of this phase.

Finally, CELT is working with colleagues across USW to validate a new Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (PgCLTHE) and accredit a refreshed USW Scheme for achieving UKPSF recognition (the HEA Fellowship Scheme).

Collectively CELT is helping to raise the profile of existing practice, support enquiry into innovations and thread the whole with a value-base of inclusion and TEL.

Please visit the SEP site on the Hub regularly to keep up-to-date with the project and hear about ways to get involved.

SEP website (Staff Hub – USW group staff only).

SEP seminars and workshops to support UKPSF recognition, Scholarship of Teaching and TEL are advertised on our events page and bookable through iTrent.