Centre for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching

Sharing and Disseminating Practice

Sharing and Disseminating Practice

CELT works to recognize the emerging and innovative edge of practice that is happening across the USW group and to then share and celebrate it with all faculties and teams. We seek to facilitate connections and interaction within and across subject teams and to create environments for collaboration. We believe that out of interaction, innovation and mutual understanding will emerge and help with the ongoing development of pedagogic principles.

CELT runs an extensive series of seminars and workshops around three main themes – the student experience plan, the scholarship of teaching, and the UKPSF framework for HEA recognition. Seminars are intended to stimulate conversation and questions, and to demonstrate how to concepts or policies into practice. There are also writing retreats and workshops for preparing for various L&T related awards and recognitions (UKPSF, NTFS, ELTA, etc).

USW holds regular Learning and Teaching conferences to celebrate and share the good practice in learning, teaching and assessment undertaken across the University group and its strategic partners. Posters, videos and other presentation materials from the different faculties and departments are available on CELT website to enable these examples of good practice to be shared after the event.

Cynllun Diolch i Staff Drwy Wobrwyo a Chydnabod (SEREN)

Staff Thanks, Award and Recognition Scheme (STARS)



Dweud Diolch


Ffyrdd newydd i ddathlu a diolch i chi a’ch cydweithwyr

Gallwch anfon nodyn ‘diolch’ at gydweithiwr unrhyw le yn PDC, ar unrhyw adeg, i gydnabod eich gwerthfawrogiad yn ffurfiol gan y Brifysgol gyfan.


Gwobr Cydnabyddiaeth

 Enwebwch dîm neu gydweithiwr sydd wedi bod yn eithriadol wrth arddangos un o Werthoedd Craidd PDC o fod yn Greadigol, Ysbrydoledig, Proffesiynol neu’n Ymatebol ar gyfer Gwobr Cydnabyddiaeth SEREN.

 Gwobr Gwelliant

 Enwebwch eich hun neu’ch tîm am Wobr Gwelliant SEREN drwy arddangos arloesedd ac effaith sy’n dod i’r amlwg.


Gwobr Rhagoriaeth

 Enwebwch eich hun neu’ch tîm am Wobr Rhagoriaeth SEREN drwy arddangos rhagoriaeth o ran darparu gwasanaethau, ymchwil, arloesi, ymgysylltu, addysgu neu gefnogi dysgu.


Say “Thank You”

New ways to thank and celebrate you and your colleagues

You can now send a ‘thank you’ note to a colleague anywhere in USW, at any time, and have your appreciation formally recognised by the whole University.


Recognition Award

 Nominate a team or colleague who has been exceptional in demonstrating one of the USW Core Values of being Creative, Inspiring, Professional or Responsive for a STARS Recognition Award.


Enhancement Award

 Nominate yourself or your team for a STARS Enhancement Award by demonstrating innovation and emerging impact.


Excellence Award

 Nominate yourself or your team for a STARS Excellence Award by demonstrating distinction in service delivery, research, innovation, engagement, teaching or supporting learning.


Darllenwch fwy ar Yr Hwb drwy deipio ‘SEREN’ yn y blwch chwilio.

Find out more on The Hub by typing ‘STARS’ into the search box.


The National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS) is an annual competition to recognise, reward and celebrate individuals who are judged to make an outstanding impact on the student learning experience. 

CELT provides support for staff to work toward applying to the NTFS. 

The Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence (CATE) was introduced in 2016 to complement the longstanding National Teaching Fellowship Scheme that recognises individual excellence. The CATE recognises that team/collaborative teaching and working are important to many aspects of our work.

CELT provides support for staff to work toward applying to the CATE. 

Every summer, CELT organises a series of workshops and events designed to raise awareness and help you think about how you might use technology to enhance your teaching and the student experience.