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Learning and Teaching Conference

Learning and Teaching Conference

USW holds regular Learning and Teaching conferences to celebrate and share the good practice in learning, teaching and assessment undertaken across the University group and its strategic partners.

After the success of the inaugural 2015 conference the event became annual and additional, specialist, conferences are also held at different points in the year for senior managers and for specific subject disciplines.

2021: Envisioning USWs 2030 Strategy in our learning and teaching.

05 - 08 July 2021

We would like to invite you to submit contributions for this year’s USW Learning and Teaching conference which will take place virtually via Teams during the week of 05.07.21. This year’s conference will consist of 4 linked morning sessions (commencing 05.07.21) each of which will have an overarching focus.

This year’s conference, supported by USW’s Communities of Expertise, will encourage us to consider how the operationalisation of the University’s 2030 vision for graduate success and opportunities might become evident across it’s learning and teaching offering. The themes are set out below but we would encourage you to interpret these broadly:

Conference themes:

1. The place of the digital in extending the reach of our learning and teaching;

2. Engaging with communities locally, nationally and globally;

3. Preparing students for an indeterminate future;

4. Learning and Teaching that contributes to the meeting of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals;

5. The role of creative disciplines in a global 21st Century;

6. Interdisciplinary learning and teaching ambitions.

Submission formats:

We invite submissions in a variety of formats:

· Presentations. Please note all presentations should last no more than 10 minutes and will need to be recorded ahead of the conference;

· Panel discussions (a minimum of 3 contributors with a planned introduction of a maximum of 10 minutes, with the discussion lasting no more than 35 minutes);

· Lightning Strikes, which will need to be recorded ahead of the conference (6 minutes);

· Interactive workshops (45 mins);

· Digital posters.

We particularly welcome submissions from, or with, students. Please note abstracts should not exceed 300 words and can be submitted in either Welsh or English.

Complete the form via the link below to submit your contribution for the conference by 04.06.21.

NB: Should you be successful in your submission of a Presentation/Lightning Strike, we will require this to be pre-recorded & submitted to us by 29.06.21.


Details of past conferences, along with any programmes, recordings, posters and images from the day are available below.

2020:  ‘Building Connections and Embracing Diversity’ – How does technology help?

14th – 16th July 2020

This year’s conference was about forging networks in an increasingly diverse higher education environment. We explored the place of technology in its broadest sense, from ‘low-tech’ to more complex scenarios, in enabling the University’s 2030 vision. We were particularly interested in hearing about examples and lessons learnt that exemplify collaboration, inclusion and sustainability.

As we could not run the conference in the usual format, we used this as an opportunity to share and reflect on how everyone has enabled learning to take place in exceptional circumstances.

The theme remained the same, but we wanted to create a Festival of Learning where we celebrate how we have all engaged with technology in ways we could never have imagined previously.

The conference ran over 3 days with keynotes, webinars and workshops, alongside some Faculty focused sessions. All sessions will be available online for you to watch at a time to suit you.

2020 Schedule

2019: "USW, an engaging University”

The 2019 USW Learning and Teaching conference had an overarching theme of Engagement:

  • Community engagement  - at local, national and international levels;
  • Student engagement  - for example, in creation of curricula, projects and use of technology;  
  • Stakeholder engagement -  with businesses, USWSU;
  • Collegiate engagement – examples of working with colleagues that take an inter/transdisciplinary approach.

2018 Conference

The Learning & Teaching Conference 2018 was held at Treforest Conference Centre on June 29th 2018.