Stuart Abbott - PgCLTHE Course Leader

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I have always held a deep-seated interest in the process of learning and the means by which we attain knowledge, master skills, develop attributes and gain richer awareness of the internal and external worlds that we inhabit. For me that may entail insight into the process of learning about a subject or topic, learning through a process or exercise or learning from and about others – all of which I find contributing to the ongoing process of learning about myself. I hold a particular interest in the social contexts in which learning occurs and their influence upon processes of individual self-development.


Accordingly, I am interested in ideas surrounding authentic approaches to learning, teaching, assessment and feedback as well as means of supporting learners in engaging in processes of reflective identity development, be they within individual, social, professional or personal settings.

PgCFE (Cardiff University)
MA Religious Studies (Cardiff University)
BA Religious Studies, Philosophy and Archaeology (University of Wales, Newport)

I gained a BA Honours in Philosophy, Religious Studies and Archaeology from the University of Wales, Newport (UWN) in 2004 before completing an MA in Religious Studies and a PgCFE from Cardiff University in 2005 and 2006 respectively.


Following my studies I was fortunate enough to progress to an academic career in my discipline at both institutions at which I had been a student. As such, I designed and delivered a number of undergraduate modules addressing a range of Indian religious traditions at UWN whilst concurrently facilitating seminars and acting as a personal tutor to first year Religious Studies undergraduates at Cardiff University between 2006 and 2009.


Between 2009 and 2012 I worked as an Academic Skills Advisor at Cardiff Metropolitan University (then UWIC). This role involved designing and delivering both student and staff facing provision and support – this first foray into supporting academic colleagues in enhancing aspects of their curricula by aiding the development of the pedagogical approaches they employed was to prove a pivotal moment in my career, igniting a passion for supporting professional development among academics that continues to this day.


In 2013 I accepted a role as an Enterprise Curriculum Development Officer at Cardiff University which gave me further opportunity to hone my skills and experience in working closely with academics to translate ‘generic’ pedagogical practices and agendas into relevant and meaningful student-centred implementations within their disciplinary curricula.


In 2014 I returned to Cardiff Metropolitan University to take up a role as a Learning Developer within an Academic Development team. I ran the institution’s HEA Fellowship schemes and contributed to the management and delivery of the university’s PgCTHE. In 2018 I began my role at the University of South Wales where as a member of CELT I am proud to be able to contribute to the driving forward of the centre’s person focused staff development ethos as PgCLTHE Course Leader.