Course Organisations in Blackboard

Course organisations behave like modules and contain tools that enable members to communicate efficiently. 

Each course organisation offers students access to all relevant information about the course including information about the modules that make up the course and links to the corresponding data stored in the Integrated Curriculum Information System. Students will also be able to view contact details for course team staff and student course representatives. They will be able to access the names of external examiners and other useful information, such as the course handbook. Twice yearly a course evaluation survey will be also be provided to students via the course organisation.

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I am a course leader, what do I need to do? 

Some housekeeping is required by the course leaders to prepare these Course Organisation, full information is provided in the organisations themselves from the Staff Guidance – How to use this Organisation menu item; 

  • Enter staff contact information. 
  • Add Course Rep information 
  • Add a link to the course handbook.
  • Add external examiner information.

Important note: You will need to ensure that all members of the teaching team are enrolled onto the organization 

I am an academic manager, what do I need to do?  

  • Identify staff to add to course organisation where missing. 
  • Sign off and upload the course handbook to the organisation. 

Staff are missing from an organisation. 

Staff enrolment onto course organisations are based on the data present in the ICIS system. Academic managers are able to access this system if necessary.  

I need more time!  

If academic staff want to ‘hide’ the organisation, then they can go into the Course Organisation>Control Panel>Customisation>Properties and set availability to No.