Blackboard Portfolios

Portfolios are a means to collect, organise and publish pieces of work over time. They may have a general purpose or be used to showcase achievement. 

At USW we have the BlackBoard Personal Portfolios tool enabled for users. This allows users to create a collection of ‘artefacts’ which can then be organised into one or more portfolio collections. A snapshot of the portfolio can then be shared with other users, or external contacts, at any time. 

Portfolios are user based, not module or course specific. However, links to a user’s portfolio homepage can be added to a module and users can set up separate portfolios for different purposes, modules, assignments, etc.

More help and training

The TEL team are happy to provide advice and support about how to best use Blackboard to enhance learning and teaching. Contact your faculty partner for more information.

Workshops on using blackboard effectively are held regularly. Check iTrent for details and to book a place.