Panopto is a video management, lecture recording, and livecasting software service. It has many possible uses including:

  • Recording lectures for later use by students.
  • Live broadcast of lectures (to students or external to university).
  • Upload and management of video/audio resources for use in teaching and learning.
  • Submission of video/audio assessments.

You can use the Panopto recording software to record video, audio, powerpoint slides and screen captures. There is also a web-based app, Panopto Capture, if you can't install the software. These recordings are  uploaded to the Panopto server and can be shared to modules on Blackboard. You can also upload recordings that were made using other software (e.g. recordings made on a phone, videos made with editing software, animations, etc). 

The Panopto recorder software is installed on all USW machines by default. A microphone and/or webcam should be available in every teaching room. If hardware is not available or if you need the software installing on a USW-managed machine please log a call on the IT Helpdesk or you can use the web-based version of Panopto - Capture. 

All pre-recorded material that is uploaded to Panopto (or any other USW hosting platform) must be captioned.* 

Panopto has an automatic captioning function that you just need to enable for each recording you upload. 

Please note that as these captions are machine generated they are not always accurate. The captions can be edited to improve accuracy. 

Human Transcription

If you require accurate transcription of a recording (ie to support a disabled learner) then you can request that a recording is captioned by a human transcriber. 

* Recordings of live teaching sessions do not have to be captioned but you should use the automatic captioning function anyway. 

If you are recording live lectures or events where students are present you will need to make sure that they are aware of what is happening and how the recording will be used. If you are recording lectures for the use of current (and future) students only then the recording is being made in the legitimate interest of learning and teaching. However, students have the right to refuse to be recorded or to ask to be removed from a recording if they are identifiable.

Before the lecture

If you are using Panopto to capture any lectures you should provide the following notice in your module:

  • On the recording of lectures: Lectures on this module may be recorded in video or audio format. These recordings may be used for the purposes of learning and teaching for current and future students. If you do not wish to be recorded please inform the lecturer.

During the lecture

Make students aware you’re recording by:

  • Telling them it’s happening each time you will be recording.
  • Use a slide at the start of each lecture with a disclaimer about recordings.
  • Please take a look at the Sample Slide.

Explaining what will be recorded (ie video or audio). The first time you record with a new group of students you may wish to give additional information such as:

  • If a camera is being used to capture video, make clear which areas it is capturing.
  • Explain that microphones may capture any incidental noise and conversations so avoid personal topics when recordings are happening

If they don’t want to be recorded on video:

  • Inform students where they can sit to be off camera. In most classrooms most student desks aren’t in the area where pre-installed webcams are pointed but you should check the video feed to be sure.

If they don’t want their voices to be recorded (ie when asking questions or during discussions):

  • Recordings can be paused and re-started as needed.
  • Or, offer students the opportunity to ask questions by writing them on paper or using our online audience response tool Vevox.

After the Lecture

If necessary, recordings can be edited to remove specific sections.

To access and manage your recordings and folders you can go to the USW Panopto website:

When using the Panopto recorder on a new device you may be asked to enter the server address. The USW server is: .

There is no webcam/microphone in my teaching room (or they aren't working). 

Log a call with the IT Helpdesk online - - or by phone - (01443) 482882.  

Which rooms can I record Panopto in?

The Panopto recorder software should be installed on all university managed computers. All teaching rooms should have a microphone or webcam installed and ready to use. If neither is present then you can log a call with the IT helpdesk online - - or by phone - (01443) 482882.  

If you want to record at your desk or outside the university you can either use the Panopto recorder and a webcam/microphone on your own computer, or record video/audio on other devices to be uploaded to Panopto later. 

How do I get the recorder software. 

Click the green Create button from the Panopto area in your module or on the USW Panopto website and select Record a New Session. This will prompt you to download the Panopto recoder software. 

I don't have Creator permissions

If you are attached to modules on Blackboard then this means none of your modules have been connected to Panopto. 

If you are a member of staff who isn't attached to any Blackboard modules (ie library, student services) then will need to request Panopto creator permissions on the IT helpdesk. This will give you access to a private 'My Folder' to record to. If you think you need access to another folder then please state this in the helpdesk call. 

My module doesn't appear in the recorder. 

If you are attached to modules on Blackboard then this means none of your modules have been connected to Panopto. 

If you don't have time to do this (ie the lecture needs to start), just select 'My Folder'. You can then move the recording to the correct module folder later. 

This decision tree will assist students in submitting a video assessment using Panopto. Students can use the tree to follow step-by-step instructions which will direct them to online guides/resources that will help them with their submission. 

It is advised that the below decision tree is uploaded to the assessment area of the module.using panopto to submit an assessment decision tree