Day 1

Who's who?

Catherine Naamani, Head of Enhancing Learning through Technology, CELT

Carl Sykes, Senior Learning Technologist, CELT

Elizabeth Jones, Senior Learning Technologist, CELT

Sophie Meace, Learning Technologist, CELT

Lucy-Ann Pickering, Learning Technologist, CELT

Martin Lynch, Learning Systems Manager, ITS

Rachael Johnson, Digital Services Librarian, Libary Services

Neil Price, Digital Development and Transformation Partner, ITS

Hands-on Workshop

How to make the most of Unilearn: Online Reading Lists 

 14.00 – 15.00 – Newport NCCB23

In this session, Rachael Johnson will discuss online reading lists and how they can be embedded within your teaching materials in Blackboard.  Rachael will demonstrate the features of the online reading lists system and explain how academics can create lists and add them to their Blackboard modules. 

Online reading lists provide students with consistent, current and often instant access to their resources.  Students can personalise their readings and academics can provide guidance within the lists.  In addition, colleagues in the Library work in the background to ensure availability, currency and that there are no issues with copyright. 

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