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USW 2030 Curriculum

USW 2030 Curriculum: About the project

The USW 2030 Curriculum principles were established in 2020 and comprise eight principles within which all curricula at the University are designed. The principles ensure that courses are designed to provide learners with the opportunity to engage in a curricula which presents unsolved real-world challenges, requiring them to draw on their discipline understanding and work with others, to develop new knowledge and employability skills which surpass the demands of the 21st century workplace. Focussing on the local, regional and global, the curriculum enables learners to engage in partnership working with industry/employers to become ethical and resilient world citizens with the aspiration to make a tangible societal impact, within and beyond the workplace.

If you're interested in finding out more about the 2030 Curriculum, how it supports the USW 2030 strategy, the principles that underpin curriculum development, access the 2030 Curriculum Principles section.

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